About Southland Manufacturing

SMI is a manufacturer of sewn products and bagged aggregates. For over 30 years SMI has been creating a diverse product line based on the needs of its customers. We realize that everyone works in a continually changing environment. That is why we are continually changing and improving our products to manufacture the right gear to protect you and your equipment.

As a Certified Woman Business Enterprise we pride ourselves with honesty and integrity. All of our products are manufactured in the USA.   Because we manufacture in the USA we know how our products are made and what materials go into them. Raw materials are inspected before they ever reach the manufacturing tables, providing customers with a higher quality end product. By manufacturing in the U.S. we have the ability to customize our products to your needs without waiting months for it to ship out from overseas.

Southland Manufacturing is built on the foundation that the end customer knows what they want. We listen to your concerns, value your feedback, and are committed to your satisfaction. When you have a problem with your current protective equipment let us know. Not only can we change our products to suit your needs, but we can tailor new products to meet your future needs. Customer Service is our top priority and you will always feel appreciated at SMI.

Our History

Don YOungIn 1969 Don and Ruth Young started Southland Upholstery. Servicing San Diego’s North County, they developed a reputation for honesty and quality work. In 1977 Don was approached by a Pacific Bell worker to help solve a problem in their manholes. Water and moisture were entering their cables as they were splicing. In 1979 Don created and patented a solution; the Cable Splicing Backdrop. The Splicing Backdrop was an instant success and allowed Don and Ruth to sell Southland Upholstery and begin Southland Enterprises.

Southland Enterprises began developing and patenting products primarily in the Utilities and Telecommunications Industries. In 1987 Southland Enterprises expanded into the aggregate industry. At the time majority of utilities and construction companies were bringing aggregates to their jobsites in bulk. Southland Enterprises saw a need for aggregates in manageable bags that could be easily transported to the jobsite. In order to begin production of “bagged” aggregates custom aggregate hoppers were built and Southland Enterprises began bagging and distributing aggregates.

Over the course of the next two decades Southland Enterprises took their established competencies and expanded their product line into multiple industries. These industries include IT, Golfing, Network Marketing, Batteries, Remote Programing, and Municipalities. Due to the constantly changing nature of these industries, Research and Development has been crucial to the companies continued growth and success. In 2007 the company’s founders made the decision to retire.

Southland Enterprises was purchased by Diana Young, Don and Ruth Young’s daughter. Diana changed the company’s name to Southland Manufacturing (SMI) in 2007. Under her direction SMI has continued its tradition of quality craftsmanship, and constant innovation. Since the purchase SMI has made improvements in Capital Equipment and expanded its Research & Development. SMI is constantly looking to improve the work environment of its customer’s one product at a time.

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